31. Mai 2008

Immortal Technique - The 3rd World

The third world mother fuckers
I'm from where the gold and diamonds are raped from the earth,
Right next to the slave castles where the water is cursed.
From where police brutality is not half as nice,
And makes the hood in America look like paradise.
Compare to the aids infected Caribbean slum,
African street were the past ports of American gun.
From where they massecre people to try and keep them quiet.
And spend the next twenty five years, trying to deny it.
I'm from where they cut your hands off if you make a fist,
And niggas don't coca cuz the job market doesn't exist.
Except slave labor modern day companies store.
And peace people don't ever, ever, ever come here no more.
From where the bombs they used to drop on Vietnam,
Kill us children born deformed eight months before they born.
I'm from where they lost the true meaning of the Qur'an,
Because heroin is not compatible with Islam.
And niggas know that we'll blow that pope seed anyway,
Because that fool parachuting does not come everyday.
I'm from where people pray to they gods of they conquerors and practically,
Every presidential money longerer.
I'm from the only place democracy is acceptable,
Is if America candidate is electable.
And they might even have a black president, but he's useless,
Cuz he does not control the economy stupid!

Lock and load you gun, where I'm from, the third world son,
Been to many places but I'm third world born.
Guerrillas hit and run where I'm from, the third world son.
You polluted everything, now the third worlds gone.
The waters poisoned where I'm from. the third world son,
Seven hundred children die by the end of this song.
Revolution come where I'm from, the third world son.
Constant occupation, leaves the third world drone.

I'm from where they catholic churches don't raise this shit,
They helped Europe and America rape this bitch.
They pray to white spaniel Jesus, who's face is this.
But never talk about the black culture gelasius.
I'm from where soviet weapons still decide elections.
Military is like the mafia, you pay for protection.
Cattle like sex toys, is what the country sells,
And rich white businessmen make the best clientele.
I'm from where they too pussy to come film survivor .
And they murder coca cola union organizers.
I'm from where the justice system is esta podrido,
Fuck government niggas, politic over perico,
rebelde concido, enterado vivo, como otro argentino desparecido,
The tricolores don't apply to the CIA,
And mother fuckers make sneakers for a quarter a day,
I'm from where they overthrow democratic leaders,
Not for the people, but for the wall street journal readers,
From where blacks, indigenous people and Asians,
Where once slaves of the Caucasians,
And it's amazing how they trained them,
To be racist against themselves in the place they was raised in,
You kept us caged in, destroyed our culture, and said that you civilized us,
Raped our women and when we born you despised us,
Gentrified us agent provocateurs divide us,
And crucified every revolutionary messiah.
So I'ma start a global riot,
That not even your fake, anti-communist dictators can keep keep quiet,
Fuck your charity medicine tryna murder me,
The immunizations you gave us were full of mercury.
So now I see the third world like a rap game soldier,
Nationalize the industry and take it over.

24. Mai 2008

The Flobots - We Are Winning


rival gangsters sit down to plan an after-school program
a religious fanatic posts footage of an interfaith service project
a group of teenage boys watches a video of a father playing catch with his son
an adult film star paints thumbnail portraits of elderly couples, fully clothed and smiling
a record executive records a demo of his apology
a policeman makes reverse 911 calls instructing residents to take to the streets
a patriot reports for duty
she's wearing an orange jumpsuit and holding a picket sign
she's ashamed of her birthplace
but retreat is not an option

women and children
tune in
stand and be counted
in the belly of the vulture
watch your back
theres no civilians
women children
consider this a distant early warning
the fires imminent
pollution gathering dust particles
funneling through smokestacks
disinformation tube fed
check the label
delete the virus
alert the masses

butterfly wing crosswinds send black hawks toward hurricane survivors
roses sprout from empty lots and sidewalk cracks
pacifist guerrillas move undetected through concrete jungles
new forms are beginning to take shape
once-occupied minds are activating
people are waking up
the insurgency is alive and well

rise of the flobots
portrait of the new american insurgent
rattle and shake the foundation of the world order
assembly line consent
direct loved ones to the trenches
suit up
forge rubble into fortresses
broken porcelain
rusted platinum
burn bloodstains from decompressed diamonds
hammer the battlecry into braille-studded armor

we are building up a new world
do not sit idly by
do not remain neutral
do not rely on this broadcast alone
we are only as strong as our signal
there is a war going on for your mind
if you are thinking you are winning
resistance is victory
defeat is impossible
your weapons are already in hand
reach within you and find the means by which to gain your freedom
fight with tools
your fate and that of everyone you know depends on it

6. Mai 2008

1. Mai 2008

Brad Blanton - Nichts als die Wahrheit

Wäre er doch nur Musterpolitiker! Wäre es eine bessere Welt? Ich glaube schon, ehrlich.

Westliche Regierungschefs sollen wegen Kriegsverbrechen angeklagt werden

Der ehemalige Premierminister von Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, hat zu einem internationalen Tribunal aufgerufen, um die westlichen Regierungschefs wegen Kriegsverbrechen im Irak zu verurteilen.

In einer Ansprache vor dem Imperial College in London letzte Woche rief Mahathir dazu auf, US-Präsident George W. Bush, plus den ehemaligen britischen Premierminister Tony Blair und John Howard aus Australien wegen ihrer Beteiligung am Krieg anzuklagen, sagte ein Sprecher der Ramadhan Foundation, welche die Veranstaltung organisierte.

Der Sprecher Mohammed Shafiq erzählte AFP, dass Mahathir, der Regierungschef von 1981 bis 2003 war, möchte das Trio vor einem Gericht sehen „um sie wegen Kriegsverbrechen die sie im Irak begangen haben zu verurteilen.“

Die Studenten vor denen er sprach, hatten die Gelegenheit viele Fragen zu stellen, unter anderem auch welche über die Kriegsverbrechen und der internationalen Situation.

“Die Leute müssen aufhören sich gegenseitig zu töten und sollten miteinander reden, verhandlen, diskutieren, als Alternative zur Gewalt, Krieg und Tötung.“

Betreffend dem Krieg im Irak sagte Mahathir “die Tausende welche sterben, der Wirtschaftskrieg, die Macht des Öls, sind alles Werkzeuge welche gegen die Menschen verwendet werden welche die Länder in Kriege treiben.“


Schaeuble! Wegtreten!